Stephen Stokes

Stephen Stokes

About Stephen Stokes

Following a brief time at Downside School and Grenoble University, Stephen spent the majority of his career in media.

This took him all over the world across a diverse range of projects. But all the time he kept coming back to the workshop to make something. In the early days some of his projects were not up to scratch. As he often tells his pupils:

I am not necessarily better than you at this, I have just made more mistakes than you and learned not to repeat them next time.

At first it was friends and family that asked if they could "have a go" at beginners' woodturning, then that circle broadened and he was encouraged to offer woodturning experience days or half days. And so Bodden Cross Studio was born.

There are few greater pleasures than taking time out to create something special for yourself or a family member. Come and find out at the Bodden Cross Studio.